The model sees the birth in 2014 and immediately conquered the professional and non-professional tangueras of the whole world.
The reasons are easy to understand: Recoleta is a very stable shoe, in which the foot is completely collected, contained.
The closure system is designed to offer maximum comfort and hold on the foot, allowing free extension of the ankle but, in the same way, total adherence of the sole of the foot to the sole.
The aesthetic is unique in its kind and perfectly adapts to pronounced and non-pronounced foot necks, thin ankles and more structured ones.
The heel makes it incredibly stable, giving a feeling of extreme control on axis and balance.
The first color Recoleta was born with is called Sahara and is part of the nude or neutral palette.
Over time, thanks to the constant study of the quality and technical performances made on the model, improvements have been made, especially on the memoryfoam sole  made almost 1 cm thicker, and also providing the anti-slip suede on the support of the fingers.
Recoleta  exists in two versions, with the closed heel and with the open heel (Recoleta Twins), in numerous and creative compositions of leathers, colors and glitter.
The Recoleta plant fits comfortably, also exists in the slim version