Our Nizza shoes in White Leather with a Shimmer Material Heel, are stunning wedding or evening shoes handmade by Italian Leather artisans with luxury materials and an extremly comfortable design, that includes non slip suede memory foam padding under the ball of the foot for all night wear. The elasticated flexible straps and design offer excellent stability and ankle support whilst allowing full range of movement.


All our shoes come with spare heels and a free silk dust cover to keep your special heels safe.


Want more colour or material options? Head to our DESIGN YOUR OWN page to build your dream custom shoe.


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  • The model exists in two versions, The Nizza and The Nizza Twins that differ in the way it is fastened at the ankle.

    The Nizza Twins offer the possibility of being crossed at the ankle or, at the instep.

    The ankle strap sits high up the ankle which makes them particularly suitable for feet with normal to thin sole widths. The toes remain free, therefore, dancers who want a more contained mask, can opt for the Amelia model. The support of the toes can be leather or suede.  If your feet are prone to sweating a lot, the suede material prevents the foot from sliding forward, however the leather feels cooler and fresher on the skin in the summer.

    The shoe is, like all those of the Regina tango shoes maison, extremely stable, it allows your ankle to extend, while always keeping the sole of the shoe well adherent to the sole of your foot. The well open toe mask allows you to use them at their best, with no risk of the little toe sliding out.

    In terms of aesthetics, the model is produced in numerous colors, combinations of leathers and glitter.